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Future Dream Trips
If I had my way, these are places which I would love to visit. If anyone has experience with these location please give me some insight to places to see and eat. I am always looking for an interesting place to stay as well.

South America - Just about anywhere in South America would be on the top of my list as my next place of visit. However, if I had to pick a place it would be Peru. The culture, food, and clothes all appeal to my senses.
Indonesia - Indonesia is another location that is at the top of my list. While there are numerous areas to explore, I would love to see what Bali is all about.
Africa - My father was in Kenya in the 1980s, and I would love to follow in his foot steps and experience a safari first hand. See big cats and elephants in there natural habitat would be wonderful.


Greece - Blue skies and bleach white buildings are is all I know from pictures. I would love to travel the coast line and explore the hidden villages of the beautiful country.