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The Travel Diary of Ian Lebold  
Countries Visited:18 US States:27 Canadian Territories: 1 Flights: 56


Hello, my name is Ian Lebold. My parents and I have created this site for you to follow my adventures and meet all the wonderful people that I have met on my travels around the world. Ian in Italy

The Travel Log section contains links to all of my past trips. Here you will find a travel diary log of the trip with accompanying photos of people, images around the towns, and my favorite images of all the different and exotic foods I tasted.

The Future Trips link is a section that contains my wish list for my next adventures. If you have any insight on any of these locations, please email me. I am always interested in hearing about exciting new things to do, unique culinary delights and friendly places to spend the night.

Please sign our guest book. Lets us know what you think of my web site and most importantly... Any places or things to do you would recommend for my next trip. This section also contains a sign-up sheet for having diaries sent to you via email.




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