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The Travel Diary of Ian Lebold  
Freeport, Grand Bahamas - July, 2008

Ian having fun on the beachMommy and Daddy decided to take a quick, spare of the moment trip to Freeport, Grand Bahamas (US Airways had really cheap flights that week). Some friends of ours came along as well. While this was my first International flight, I slept most of the flight.

I LOVED the beach and the ocean! Mommy and Daddy got me this floating inner tube with a canopy over the top to keep the sun from hitting me directly. I could easily set in the seat and enjoy the water. Daddy even helped me float out into the ocean in it. The water was so clear and glistened with beautiful shades of blue and turquoise.

We spent quite a bit of time at the various pools around our hotel as well. There was an infinity pool and even a pool with waterfalls. I relaxed in my floating canopy, splashed in the water, and practiced walking along the steps around the edge of the pool.

On land, I sat by the water's edge and picked up fistfuls of wet sand. For some reason I had the incredible urge to taste the sand - and so I did!

Daddy rented a scooter and had a good time sightseeing and exploring the off-beaten path around the outskirts of the island. Meanwhile, Mommy and I enjoyed taking stroller walks through the Port Lucaya Marketplace. There was Ian with new friends also a stage at the Marketplace with a large area for sitting and relaxing as well as a large area in which to dance. On the weekends they had live bands there. This was fantastic because I had just started walking and listening to the music just made me want to move my feet. I enjoyed meeting a lot of friendly people in the Marketplace including a family from Switzerland and a family from Pennsylvania.

Mommy and Daddy raved about the delicious cuisine they got to indulge in during our stay (unfortunately, I was still eating mushy baby food at the time). They really liked their meals at a restaurant called China Beach. Not only did they eat there twice, but Daddy who hardly ever orders dessert, said the bananas foster was the best dessert he has ever tasted!

IanAndDaddyMom and Dad also enjoyed tasting conch at RumRunners. They mentioned that it was very good and very afforable. The highlight of our time together was a catamaran trip to Treasure Reef. You should have seen the look on people's faces when we walked up; at first I think they thought, "Oh, what a cute baby" followed by "Oh no, that baby's going to cry and fuss and ruin our relaxing morning!" But I showed everyone what a good little sailor I am; I just sat back and enjoyed the breeze and sunshine. When we got to the reef, Daddy took a turn to snorkel, then mommy took at turn, and then I got to put my life jacket on and go for a float with Daddy out over the reef! It was so awesome and I was so brave! But all that swimming made me tired, and I napped as we sailed all the way back to shore.

What a great family outing and what a great place to visit. If you're looking for a laid back, not overly commercialized place to relax, catch some rays, and let the sound of the ocean drown out all your stresses (not that I have any stress), then this is the place.

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