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The Travel Diary of Ian Lebold  
Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia - October, 2008

We arrived in Slovenia and stayed our first night in the city of Kopar. Chilli CrabI enjoyed the great playgrounds located near the water's edge.  The sliding boards were great as was the large sandbox.  Daddy got me a great lift-the-flap/feelie book at the downtown bookstore after having some delicious pastries for brunch at the local market. 

Next we visited the town of Piran, Slovenia; again, a city right on the water.  The water was incredibly clear and beautiful.  I tasted squid at a restaurant by the sea (there were so many great restaurants to choose from). I really enjoyed running around the large town square which was tiled in marble.  For some reason, I felt the need to taste the fence around the statue Chilli Crabin the town's square.  Mom and Dad enjoyed sitting at a cafe drinking cappuccinos.  We went to bed that night with the windows open listening to the soothing sounds of the sea splashing against the rocks below.  However, in the middle of the night we woke up to the sounds of mosquitoes buzzing in our ears!

Before heading back to Venice, we traveled to the top of Croatia for a late lunch.  I enjoyed walking around and playing at the playground by the water.  We couldn't stay very long because we had reservations in Venice that evening, but we met some very nice people along the way.Chilli Crab

We arrived in Venice late in the evening, but I was wide awake for our taxi boat ride to the Stuckley Hilton Hotel and our first glimpses of Venice.  I thought the boat ride was GREAT!  The next day we visited Saint Marcos Square.  Those pigeons were so cool!  They sat right on my head - I didn't mind!  Lots of people stopped to say "Hi" and take  my picture in the square.  Numerous tourist groups even stopped to say "Konnichi wa"... I liked waving at the people in the gondolas; almost everyone waved back. 

 Chilli Crab

We spent two days enjoying the rich culture and Chilli Crabhistory of Venice.  We did A LOT of walking (well, ok, I mostly rode in the backpack on mom's back).  Mom and Dad each got a beautifully handmade Venetian Carnival mask to bring home for the travel room wall. Venice is the only city I know which should be protected and classified as a museum. The buildings are slowly being swallowed and destroyed by the sea. Hopefully protection is put into place soon so that I can enjoy this city again when I am older.


Before Great selection of seafood at the village food court we knew it, it was time to come home! What a quick, but fun-filled trip! We were pleasantly surprised at the warm greetings we received at the Philadelphia Airport; first by Thomas, our porter, who decided to sing Happy Birthday to me a week early and then by the wonderful band playing inside the terminal by the main food court. 

What a nice welcome home!




Great selection of seafood at the village food court