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The Travel Diary of Ian Lebold  
Ocean City, Maryland - June, 2008

Ian Mommy, Daddy and I went to Ocean City, Maryland to start off our summer. While the sun wasn't shining, the air was warm and I was very interested in checking out the water. I loved hanging onto Mommy's hands and "walking" through the water. I LOVE splashing in the water and sitting in the sand. I like tasting the sand, too!

While Ocean City isn't located in an exotic, tropical location, it does have clean, wide beaches and a great boardwalk for taking nice, long stroller rides. My mommy likes starting at the end, walking all the way to the Maritime Museum, and walking all the way back again. I was too little to ride the rides located near the museum, but I bet I'll be on them next year!

Besides the beach and rides, kids seem to enjoy playing miniature golf in Ocean City and there are A LOT of theme golf courses to choose from. I guess I'll have to keep working on this whole walking thing before I can go walking around swinging a golf club. I'll put that on the schedule for a few years down the road.

Another thing to do at Ocean City is EAT! While you would assume that seafood would be the food of choice, Daddy prefers going to Anthony's for a freshly carved roast beef sandwich. Of course no Ocean City trip is complete without at least one trip to Dummsers for ice cream! Yum!

One evening, Mommy and I took a walk on the beach as the sun was going down. Mommy told me how wonderful it was to be with me on the beach where she and daddy visited together for the first time sixteen years ago.

Ian with shellIan strolling throught the ocean