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The Travel Diary of Ian Lebold  
San Diego Bay Area - April, 2009

The Delicous Rice Roll

Sam Woo's ResturantI went WILD visiting the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park in sunny California.  The weather was unseasonably hot, but I was too excited to see all the animals to care. 

First of all, my parents recommend that if you are staying in the area for an extended amount of time and know you will want to visit the parks more than once, it pays to buy a membership.  Second, my Momma recommends good walking shoes and a stroller for little people as both parks have quite a bit of walking and hills.  The last bit of grown-up advice is to feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks.  While there is plenty of good food served at both parks, it can get expensive for a large family, and the staff doesn't’t seem to mind if you eat or drink food you have brought in.  In fact, they give you free ice and refill your water bottle, too. However, don’t forget that both the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park are non-profit organizations and your admission fee and purchases help take care of the animals and the ongoing conservation projects. Ian Using Chop Sticks

Some of my favorite things at the San Diego Zoo included the squirrel monkeys (they were as curious about me as I was about them),  the polar bears taking a swim, the panda bears, the giraffes, the elephants, and the sky ride across the zoo. 

Momma bought me a GREAT book at the gift shop called Two at the Zoo by Danna Smith  It’s my new favorite book and I highly recommend it for kids my age. 

There was a lot to do at the Wild Animal Park and more opportunities for me to safely be out of my stroller.  There is a really nice playground on one side of the park and a Children’s Discovery building on the other side of the park.  The playground is self explanatory, but at the Children’s Discovery building they had animals to play with, books to look at, puzzles to put together, “tree” blocks to build with, butterflies to color, and insects to sort.  I enjoyed dabbling into all of these activities.  Ian Using Chop Sticks

At the Wild Animal Park, you can take a safari tram ride (zoo members ride for free) through over 100 acres of land where the animals are allowed to roam free.  You can see something different every time you ride!  I liked the baby giraffes.  Of course there are many other animal exhibits, too.  Some of my favorites were the gorillas and the lions.  I brought home a really cool painting of a lion made with my very own hand print.  I sure learned to name a lot of animals and make a lot of animal sounds on this trip!