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The Travel Diary of Ian Lebold  
Los Angeles and The San Diego Bay Area - May, 2009

Ian At The Tar Pits

Daddy, Momma, and I spent some time enjoying the sites of Los Angeles.  We visited the Tar Pits, Beverly Hills, and the famous HOLLYWOOD sign.  We also went to the Santa Monica Pier and although I was too little to ride the rides, I sure liked watching them and seeing all the lights. There were many street performers and a few strange characters.

Hanging out on Indian RockIan Using Chop Sticks














We enjoyed a yummy brunch at T’s Café in Solana Beach, went to a local farmer’s market where local fruits, vegetables, flowers, and local products were being sold, and visited the seals on the beach at LaHolla. 

We Ian Using Chop Sticks revisited the San Diego Zoo and had a great time watching the tigers that were off display the last time we were here.  They were VERY active and I liked roaring at them.  I also liked the hippo; even though it just sat in the water, I liked saying the name over and over again – “pipho, pipho, pipho.” J  We attended a show featuring an owl, some macaws, and two sea lions.  Momma couldn’t believe I stayed entertained through the whole thing!  

We also revisited the Wild Animal Park where we were greeted by a cheetah taking a walk on a leash!  “Hi Kitty,” I said.  J  I also went into the petting pen which I had not done the last time and that was a lot of fun, too.  I got to pet deer and antelope!  I was SO excited, but the nice deer and antelope remained very calm.  It was a really neat experience. 

Ian Using Chop SticksMomma and I visited Balboa Park in San Diego and went to the Science Museum.  While the museum is geared mostly for older children, they did have a great big playroom for children five years of age and younger.  That was right up my alley!  I played a wooden xylophone, played in a pretend food market complete with working conveyer belts and shopping carts, built with super big, foam legos, and used air in tubes to make balls and pinwheels move as well as make some music.  I played and played and played. 

Ian Using Chop Sticks

On the last day of our trip, Daddy rented a sailboat and we all went sailing in the San Diego Bay.  It was a lot of fun!  I saw lots of other boats, airplanes, helicopters, seals, sea lions, and even a submarine.  I even took the helm under the watchful eye of my Daddy.  Another sunny and fun-filled trip to California!

Ian At The Wheet

Good-bye San Diego! We had a GREAT time again!   

On the way to the LA airport, we had to stop for some of Randy's dounuts. Mumm... What a great way to end a trip...

Ian Using Chop Sticks