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The Travel Diary of Ian Lebold  
San Francisco Bay Area - April, 2008

Home at Curry VillageMy very first airplane ride took place in April of 2008 to the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  Our first night's stay was the beautiful historic town of Sonora.  We all enjoyed walking through the antique stores downtown and rummaging through the flea market on the edge of town.

In the afternoon, we drove into Yosemite National Park.  We got a tent in Curry Village then walked to the bridge at the bottom of Yosemite Falls.  Mommy carried me in my Baby Bjorn.  I enjoyed being in it and giggled out loud when we were sprinkled by the spray of the falls.  The next day, Mommy and Daddy pushed me in my stroller along the trail to Mirror Lake.  After a stop at the base of Bridalveil Falls for a quick spritz, we drove into Berkeley and did a little climbing at Indian Rock (Daddy's favorite location for an evening of climbing fun).  We ended our day by watching the sunset on top of Indian Rock before driving back to San Jose.

The next day mommy and I walked to the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo - my first time at a zoo!  It was a nice little zoo - perfect for my first one. Mommy could Mommy and Me at Santa Cruzeasily push me around in my stroller.  I liked watching the ring-tailed lemur the best.  The jaguar seemed a little scary to me and I cried when the macaw started screeching.  In the park, Mommy and I rode Danny the Dragon and watched the model train go around and around.  In the evening, Daddy drove us to Santa Cruz where I dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean.  I sure did like that!

Mommy drove me all the way to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today.  We had a GREAT time!  I liked the Open Sea exhibit the best!  I was mesmerized by the hammerhead sharks, tuna, mackerels, sardines, barracuda, rays, sunfish, and sea turtles that swam around and around.  It was like a big, gigantic tv screen!  I also enjoyed the sea otters, penguins, and jellyfish exhibits.  But the best thing about this aquarium was the children's section which included a special section just for babies like me.  I got to bounce around a circular "water bed" and splash in a trough of water with three fish fountains and three floating fish.  The Monterey Bay Aquarium sure knows how to make a trip to the aquarium special for kids - even tiny ones like me!

Mommy and I visited the San Jose Flea Market. We found an excellent dried fruit vendor who had the best dried mangos!  In the evening Daddy drove us to San Francisco. We took a quick trip across the Golden Gate Bridge to get a view of the city from across the bay. Later, we had a wonderful seafood dinner at the Franciscan Restaurant (The menu is a cookbook, showing how each dish is made - Mmmm).     

The next day Mommy and I went to the San Jose Children's Museum.  What fun!  I got to see all kinds of things!  My favorite activities were splashing in the water table with the plastic balls and looking at myself in the mirror box.  I also enjoyed watching a bowling ball powered fan and playing in the infant section where I was introduced to the OBall - a great ball that's easily grasped by little guys like me (since our trip, I have acquired two OBalls, that's how much I like them).  When it was time for a rest, Mommy and I laid out on the lawn of the museum and watched the airplanes fly overhead.  I sure played hard today!

Sam Wo's Rice RollDaddy, Mommy and I visited the Winchester Mystery House.  I'm sure glad Mommy carried me; a little kid could get lost in a house like that!  From there we drove into Chinatown in San Francisco to eat at Daddy's favorite Chinese restaurant - Sam Wo. Their rice roll is to die for! - so daddy says... 

From there we drove to Mount Tamalpalis for a little hike and a lookout over San Francisco.  I got to play on the rocks were daddy once climb in his youth.

Later, we drove to Sonoma to spend the night and visit local wineries. We visited the Hartford Family Winery and the Kolowski Farm the following day.  Later in the evening, we visited friends who moved to the Bay area a few years ago. 

Good-bye San Jose!  We had a GREAT time!   

Hanging out on Indian Rock