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The Travel Diary of Ian Lebold  
Singapore, SG and Malaysia - December, 2008

Dumbay The ElephantOn my first day in Singapore, we visited the Singapore Zoo. I LOVE animals and at this zoo everything is very open so the animals are easy to see. I got to see the endangered white tiger, orangutans hanging from the trees, and an interesting show about the rain forest. I even got to take a ride on Dumbay the Elephant! Besides seeing all the animals, I enjoyed walking around on my own while holding a stick and playing in the water fountain (until I fell in).

While in Singapore, we stayed at the Conrad near the Fountain of Wealth. I liked looking at the pretty lights around the fountain. My family and I visited the Kampong Glam quarter, Little India, and Chinatown. We met a Indonesia Freindslovely family from Indonesia while eating in Chinatown. I showed them how I can dance and clap for myself! They gave me lots of hugs.

One of my family's favorite activities was going to the East Coast Park. We played at the McDonald's playground, took a bike ride, played on the beach, and ate at the village food court. Somehow I managed to take a nap on the back of my mom's bike!

We visited the Underwater World aquarium on Sentosa Island. It was very small and crowded, however, I did manage to see quite a few really cool sea creatures. My favorite was the ray tank where the rays were breeching out of the water so I could touch them. One even splashed my mom and I! We got all wet! I liked looking at the fish and sharks as they swam above us in the aquarium tunnel. The sea dragons and Asian crabs were pretty cool, too! Mom liked the sea turtles in the outside lagoon.

In Singapore, people get to write their New Year's wishes on inflatable balls that are placed out in the Chilli Crabharbor and lit up on New Year's Eve. My mom wrote a New Year's message for our family on one of the balls. She helped me draw a smiley face on the ball, too. We visited the harbor and took a lot of neat photos at the Merlion Fountain, Singapore's City Mascot.

Daddy rented a car and we crossed the border into Malaysia. We visited the fishing town of Kukup. We ate delicious seafood at Restoran High King. I got to taste chili crab - Yum! Yum! I enjoyed being held by lots of friendly people. Madam Chong gave us a little tour of the fishing village.

It was nice to meet so many friendly people; proof that bonds of friendship can occur even when we don't all speak the same language.

Great selection of seafood at the village food court